Friday, March 02, 2007

Welcome back to Cairo

wow- what a return.
Got back at 11.30pm... to be told by the friend who picked me up that we were going straight out to a club.............. that was fun!!!

Then this morning had a manic landlord pounding my door saying he was being sued and I was his only saviour.........

It turns out that although my lease in this flat doesn't end til end of march, he has rented it out to someone else starting 1st march (ie yesterday!) and accepted all the money from them in advance............they are threatening to sue. I have negotiated today and tomorrow to move out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully I do have a friends spare room to move to til I find somewhere more permenant, and I know I could stick my ground and stay here- but it saves me a months rent here and money is tight- so maybe a blessing in disguise!

Crazy welcome to this mad city though............

Only in Cairo!

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