Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I do love a good Egyptian wedding!

I have noticed a trend for more and more people to have smaller scale weddings in Cairo, and instead of doing them, as usual, in the big hotels all around the city, they choose to host them at home, at a family villa. I guess with more and more houses being built up outside of the city centre, this is to be expected.

I have to say, I really like the trend. They always feel more personal and less formulaic.

My most recent wedding, just before I travelled to China for 3 weeks, was one of these. The bride and groom were a lovely couple, both Egyptian, but both of whom had lived a large part of their lives outside of Egypt. Their plan- to settle down in Cairo.

Their friends were from Egypt, but had also travelled from USA and UK for the big date and were a wonderful group of fun loving people. The whole thing felt as relaxed and laid back as any wedding can be...

The British Double Trouble team was brought in to perform...

Ellie was brought in to sing in the garden in the sunshine,

She was fabulous.

I was asked to dance a Zeffa through the garden at sunset, into the room where the evening reception would be.

My task, to gather the guests up as I danced through the garden pied piper style...

Even the Groom enjoyed swinging my light up stick (thanks Loveday bellydance!!!)

 As you can see from the photos... a fun day was had by all!

Thanks to the photographer Sherif Fathy for all these wonderful photos which capture the mood of the day perfectly!