Monday, March 05, 2007


Last night was just lovely. I went to Maadi to teach my class- and only one person showed up, a new girl. Turns out that it is the school holidays so everyone with kids, and all the school teachers I teach, were out of cairo for the weekend! The new girl however was lovely- and a good dancer too. At the end of the class, because she had enjoyed it so much, she gave me as a present her massage appointment that night!!! Wonderful! Finally found someone here who can ease the aches and pains for me........... and discovered in such a lovely way! People can be so lovely sometimes!

Anyway turns out this American woman, Pam, who does the massage knows lots of people I do (such a tiny city this cairo!) and she offered me a lift most of the way home then invited me to the cinema with her and a friend! unfortunaly the only film showing was the last king of scotland- and since I saw that when I was in scotland, and I still get nightmares from it, I choose not to join them. But was overwhelmed by how nice people can be!

Then I had to get a taxi from the cinema home- and this was where I expected the evening to turn sour, I've had so many nightmare taxi journeys since I have been here... but the taxi driver had me in stitches the whole way home- doing impressions of famous comic actors here in Cairo, and also singing and doing fabulous tabla solos- all with his mouth- amazing- did sounds like a real drum!!! Turns out he used to work in the theatre and had made some cassettes etc then- but that all had to stop when he got married- so now he drive a cab to feed the family- and entertains his passengers at the same time!!!

So this blog entry is a thank you to human kindness- so happy to meet so much of it in one evening (helping making me much happier about being away from my family and friends!!!)

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