Friday, March 30, 2007


Yesterday, the engineer came round to set up my TV in my new flat (I dont watch it at all at home- but nice to have here the music channels at least- especially to laugh at all the new cheesy videos!) I was just about to leave the house when i saw a horrific sight- Lucy singing in a pop video. Now, i admire her on stage dancing... but this enterprise I feel just doesn't do her any credit! (This is the dancer who's plastic surgery people comment on as much as people in the west might comment on Michael Jackson's!)

After the video clip was an interview with her (on 'Zoom' TV)- so i had to sit and watch that! I am sure it was good practise for me arabic......... but my god it made me really wish I knew more! At least here I knew roughly the subject matter... so I could piece together some of it... in particular she was asked about whether she thought Fifi Adbou or Dina were the better dancer. Fifi she rated as a person and Dina (I think!) she said had taken the dance in a new direction, a new style........ I wish I could have understood it more fully though to tell you!

She was also asked about how she stood about foreign dancers......... this was when I was really cursing that I couldn't understand word for word! She did say definatly though that she thought the bad foreign dancers should be forced to leave since there wasn't enough work or money available for Egyptians when they were taking all the jobs.....

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