Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bellydancers love bling...

Hello my friends,

 For those of you who don't do social network stuff (which is where I have been these past months!) and thought I'd dropped off the end of the earth.... I thought I would share these....

I went to the Khan el Khalili market today and bought all these shiny things and more.... 

Also just recently joined Instagram... So everything for new few entries is going to be in quirky photo form! 

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Scotland vote today, views from Egypt of a Scottish bellydancer

Its been a while since I blogged....

but I figured today was too important a day to allow to pass without a wee mention.

My home country is voting today whether to leave Britain or stay together. It is a massive decision, the largest for my country in 300 years.

and I am scared!

Some may say that I lost the right to an opinion when I chose to live in a different country. well- I was born in Scotland, by Scottish parents and grandparents, and lived in Scotland double the years many of the voters have even lived (since 16 and 17 years olds are being allowed to vote today),  And I am sure I will live there again fairly soon. So, I do believe it is my right to a voice, even if I can't vote from here.

Before I came to live in Egypt, I would have probably been the first one in the 'YES' or 'AYE' bandwagon. However, these last 9 years living here, have shown me two things that have influenced me and changed that initial 'YES' to a 'No THANK YOU'.

1- I have been living here in Egypt throughout all the revolutions and upheaval of the past nearly 4 years. Life is not good, economically or in any other sense, in a country that doesn't have clear focus, leadership and experience. The emotional roller coaster is exhausting.  Egypt has been very hard, but I believe that Scotland's coming years if they go it alone, will be also relatively hard. perhaps not (and certainly I hope not!) in terms of lives lost!! But in countless other ways. Having to work out new systems for EVERYTHING, from money, to internationally unions and standing, to NHS and medical research etc etc etc. these things all will have teething problems and will take time to settle. if they do.

2- I like being British. I never really appreciated the true value of it before living abroad, where the knowledge of your nationality inspires respect and interest. Many people I meet here don't even know what Scotland is , never mind where. Until you say 'Fe Britiania' (in Britain), or you tell them its where the whisky comes from!

I am British.

Being Scottish too just makes me extra special!

.....whatever way the the vote goes, and results will be out before most people read this I guess... I hope that the entire country can stand strong behind whatever decision is made.

I hate that the referendum has shown so many bad qualities from both sides. I have a friend who had eggs thrown at her house and shouted at that she should go back to England! Come on Scots, win or lose, yes or no, whatever happens by the morning.... lets play nice.

Tonight I will be performing in Cairo, in a Tartan costume.... with a Union Jack as my Veil....

Scottish and proud. British and proud.

I hope all my friends who hold a different view, and I know many of you do, still want to be my friend by the morning, because I love you all.....!!!

 milking my roots for advertising purposes....?
whatever gave you that idea.....?