Wednesday, March 07, 2007


wow- there is nothing to make you feel so stupid as stuggling to learn a foreign language- well for me anyway. I know it is difficult and I shouldn't out myself down etc etc... but I have been living here for what... not far off a year now... and granted I wasn't taking classes for maybe half of that... but really- the level I am at I know of people who have achieved the same in a couple of months. I guess we all have our strengths and weakness' and since memory seems to be a weak point with me I find this incrediably hard. I am determined to get it though....... today I have been writing out simple words in arabic onto flash cards and going through them to see if I can speed up my reading any........... it does seems to be helping. I guess I just need to put more hours into it. Ah well- unless I start dancing more then I guess thats what I'll be focussing on for the next week or so! I bought a good book in edinburgh when I was there- The 100 word exercise book - arabic. It is good- although I knew over 70% of the words already- I wouldn't have known how to write them all and certainly not very fast. This book has lots of games etc to help check I know it and dont cheat! Next lesson though I am going to have to check all these 100 words are the same in egyptian arabic so I dont learn the wrong thing! (already recognise some that are different) oh the joys.

Egyptian language is a much greater challenge here for me than the dancing, thats for sure!

..... back to the flashcards...........

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