Thursday, March 08, 2018

Yes, I'm still alive! - and here's where you can see me if you need to see it to believe it!!

I cannot believe that it's been over a year since I last wrote on my blog! How did that happen? Life took over I guess... sorry folks!

If I was to cover all I have been up to in the last year it would take too long... so instead I'll give you a wee outline of what's ahead for me in 2018... It's going to be a jetsetting year- so get your diaries out, heres a wee view of mine....

Edinburgh- There is a new Moroccan restaurant in Edinburgh (south Clerk St) called Souq, and they have a bellydance show every Saturday night. Natalie, Moyra and I are the resident dancers... so if you come along you'll get to see one of the 3 of us perform! (I'm dancing this weekend- 10th March!)

Melbourne- Yes, you read that right... I'm jetting off to Australia on Monday to teach and perform there... I'll be teaching 3 workshops on 17th and 18th March in Melbourne and if you fancy joining us there you can book on

Edinburgh- back for one weekend only and yes- I'll be performing at Souq on Saturday 7th April. come along and join me!

Isle of Wight- I will be teaching and performing in the Isle Shimmy 2018, on 14th April.

Cairo- the last 2 weeks of April I will be back in my 2nd home of Cairo, and available for private classes there in amongst catching up with my pals and seeing some awesome dancers!

Shanghai- Back to China for some workshops in my 3rd home.. Shimmery Shanghai! 5th-13th May.

Italy- how exciting to be flying to Napoli in May to dance at a wedding- so excited about this!

Edinburgh- more private classes, online classes and dancing at Souq on both 26th May and 9th June.

Glasgow- sat 2nd June, GFAD day of dance. I'll be teaching workshops.

London- 16th and 17th June - very excited to be doing a combined 'Powerhouse Weekend' of dance with the fabulous Lebanese dancer, Simon Sako... contrasting his Lebanese style with my Egyptian style.. it'll be a weekend you don't want to miss!

Cairo- last 2 weeks of June- I'll be teaching at the Nile Group festival of course 18-25th June (my workshop is 4pm Tuesday 19th June) ... always a joyful festival to be at! Come and join me?

Cyprus- 3-10 July This one is just a family holiday (at the moment... although if any dancers in Cyprus want to make use of me while I am in the country then I am of course very open to that too hehe!!!!!)

Edinburgh - my Souq dates for July are currently 21st and 28th July, and I am fairly sure I will be dancing there a lot throughout August too although dates have not yet been fixed.Watch this space! (or follow Souq Restaurant on facebook to be kept up to date with all the goings on there fast!)

London- 3-6th Sept - available for private classes....

Tewkesbury- 7-9th September- workshops and performance. contact Maria Iride Morelli on facebook for info.

China- October 2018- details TBC

Helsinki- 1st and 2nd Dec , I'll be teaching and performing at this weekend of dance with the 'Desert Roses ' in Finland. or

Hope I haven't forgotten anything....? obviously there will be more to add... but figured i'd let you all know why I've hardly been writing in my blog since moving back to Scotland from Cairo... it's not because I have been lazy!