Monday, March 26, 2007

New Flat!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurrah! I signed the lease for a new flat tonight....

The bad news about it;

-) No Nile or Pyramid View.
-) Mohandessen is a very busy area- so I predict more time spent in taxi's than before.
-) Horrible Suite in living room- but think will buy some sheets to cover that!
-) I'll need to organise setting up my own DSL (broadband) internet connection so I can stay in touch

However- The good news is;

-) Its cheaper than my last place ( not a huge amount- but when you are living off savings every penny counts!)
-) Sunny Balcony (although is overlooked so no more scantily clad sunbathing! Margaret esp. take note!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-) Its really quiet- nice area (not many foreigners- so perhaps my arabic will improve faster- plus my new bowab seems helpful and nice- with no english- which I consider to be a good thing!)
-) 8th floor- so still got a view of rooftops
-) AC in every room
-) Lovely condition tile and wood floors throughout
-) Its huge- 3 double bedrooms and 2 sittingrooms (one with dining room) and 1 bathroom and 1 WC! (this of course means that all of you from home who want to come to visit are very welcome since I have tons of room.......I hope you take me up on this offer- I'll be here til Oct!)
-) For all you dance fans- I now live practically on the same street as Amera (Pharonics costume designers!!!)

Off to get some packing done now.......... will add some photos once I am in there and settled!!!

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