Thursday, June 11, 2015

BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza No. 14 Sexy Santa costume for sale

June seems a rather strange time of year to be selling off this seasonal costume... But hopefully someone who likes to plan ahead will buy it!

No. 14 Sexy Santa

This costume was made my Eman Zaki and designed by me. The flare on the trousers a slimming and fun. The bling is super shiny and the fur would make St Nicholas himself proud. It comes with little arm bands too. The little skater style skirt over the trousers swooshes lovely and makes your moves stand out fabulously. The bra is super padded for maximum effect (this can be removed obviously if you have more naturally than I do!) 
It doesn't come with the Santa hat.... That's sadly past its best now... But a new Santa hat I am sure is easily obtainable in any country! 
Get yourself ready early for Christmas this year... Whether you want to get your photoshoot done early and send out Christmas cards... Or just be super prepared! 

Price £200 / $310

The fur cuffs on the arm bands, the giant candy cane and the santa hat were my own additions to the costume and are not for sale!

BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza No. 13 Crazy Carnival costume for sale

Some dancers love trouser costumes... Some hate them.
 I have only ever had 4 and have found them to be a really fun addition to a show. Easy to wear for Saidi and shaabi styles especially.

No.13 Crazy Carnival

This is a rasta colours inpired Eman Zaki costume. It's super comfortable to dance in and really maximizes one's assets and the flared leg on the trousers have a slimming effect on thighs too! 

The only wear really is that the zip pull tag has broken off, I usually just slide a safety pin through it to easily slide it up or down. 
Funky and fun costume that comes with a plaited headband. 

Price £180 / $280 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza no.12 Pharaonic sweetheart costume for sale

I have no idea why I am selling this costume. Actually, I could say that for most of them. I love my costumes... But I simply don't have room, sadly, to store them all. So I have to be strong.... I have to allow them to go to new homes! 

No.12 Pharaonic Sweetheart

I don't think this is the actual name Amera el Kattan, the fabulous designer for Pharaonix of Egypt gave to this beautiful costume, so I hope she will forgive me! Amera is an amazing woman with colour especially and I love the dusky shade of pink in this costume. It's comes with veil, headband, two long sleeves and two little arm bands. The kick chiffon pleat on the skirt is detachable with a press stud, but I love swishing it as I dance. This really is a 'princess' costume. You will feel like one in it anyway! 

£230 / $350 (excluding postage) 

BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza No. 11 Peach Romance. Costume SOLD !

Over the years I have tried many different Cairo based costume designers. One of my favorites that I keep coming back to is Eman Zaki. In her work the lines are clear, the fabrics quality and the work well done.

No. 11 Peach Romance

This fabric is to die for. A beautiful velvet which has a classy sheen on it. The little arm bands add layer to the look and the matching peach veil is included in the price. I had Eman add the lower of the two appliqu├ęs to close the leg slit a little but that can easily be removed if you want to show a little more leg! This is a much worn and much loved costume, but as testimony to the quality of the materials and work, it looks still as good as new!!! 

Price £180 / $280

 ... and then some professional shots... rather than just the quick iPhone snaps at home!!!!!!

BellyLorna Bedla Bonanza No. 10 Shatanna . Costume for sale

I have always nicknamed my costumes. It just makes it so much easier when talking about them. In my head it's very clear which is my 'pink magnoona' as opposed to the 'Bambi yasmeen' for instance.

The name of this next costume for sale was agreed on between the designer and I ... 

No. 10 Shatanna (she devil) 

Eman Zaki created this gem and it is a striking costume which dances beautifully. I have worn it maybe 4 times max and only so little because I have developed a weird thing against plastic straps! It is in perfect condition. The red and black with the flame style design means it fits its name beautifully I think.

The mask is my own and not for sale! 

Price £200 / $310

Sunday, June 07, 2015

BellyLorna's Bedla Bonanza No. 9 Blue Fringe Fest. Costume SOLD

My first ever Bedla was a Turkish design coppery brown colour. I loved it.
My second costume was a fantastic fringe fest of a royal blue. I loved it and that colour has remained to this day one of my all time favourite costume colours. This is a very recently bought modern version of that first Egyptian costume and I hope you will love it as much as I do...

No. 9 Blue Fringe Fest

What can I say? The colour pops and the fringes swing. The super long waist strap that you can wrap around you anywhich way you like means you can alter the style of it slightly every time you perform in it. The crystals are large and add all the bling you'd want on it while the sexy little cut out on the left hip is a nice touch but which doesn't reveal more than you'd like! The weight of the material means that the skirt hangs beautifully and has an air of Shirley Bassey about it! 

Price £180 / $280

Here's a couple of me dancing in Cairo in the Blue Fringe Fest earlier this year...