Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Art at the Opera

On Monday night I went along to The Cairo Opera House (which is in Zamalek) to attend the art exhibition of a woman I have had the pleasure to teach, Maria Maher. Maria was born in Havana, Cuba although moved to America to study art before coming to Cairo to live. I met her at a party she was organising for a group of friends where she needed a bellydancer to perform and teach them all a few moves. What a lovely bunch a women, mostly american- it was a good laugh.

Maria's paintings were not what I had imagined. I had seen some of the ones of dancers, and she has a few on flowers, but mainly- the ones i loved were 'landscapes' of colour.... very strong streaks of colours, giving you enough confusion to allow you to see what you want to see in the painting. You have to forgive me- I have never studied art and I am sure there is a right and a wrong way to write these things up, but Maria's main objective in painting is to make people feel happy. To me she reached that objective in quite a few (funnily enough- the one I liked best was called 'Leslie's Disco'!) Hmmm.

The show is on 5-20th March 07 in the Music Library- a lovely circular space.

In fact, also in the Opera House is another Gallery where I also took a peek at an opening of an exhibition by Americo Lozano. He is from Colombia and his images of Egypt ae quite striking. I particularly liked the multi coloured sails of the feluccas.... worth a look.

Next time I am planning to go and look round the Museam of Modern art which is also in the Opera complex and only 10le (less than £1) entry. It looks wonderful and is so close, I keep forgetting it is there or I would have been before now!

so apart from the various performances at the Opera House, which can be wonderful, it is also worth a wander if you like art or architecture (a wonderful area of clean calm in the heart of Cairo) I used to go and sit in this area when the noise of all the cars was just getting to much for me!

If you are interested in checking it out the website is

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