Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Foul Fool (Egyptian food part1)

no- I am not talking about feeling stupid again......... I am talking about what is probably Egypt's national dish- Foul (pronounced Fool!)

This is what many egyptians breakfast on in the morning (and snack on thoughout the day) and indeed after fasting in Ramadan. They are famous for it- to the point that arabs from other countries will tease them about it. It is a bean paste made from broad beans (flava beans). Often it is mixed with hummous (chickpeas) too. cooked with garlic, spices, lemon juice ....... there are numerous 'recipies' for making foul and often will differ depending on which area you are in in Egypt. Its cheap- a foul sandwich with cost anything from 25p to 1le ( ie 2p to 10p approx!!!) depending where you buy it (and if you are a tourist or not!) I have tried foul many times in my various visits and stays in Egypt, indeed I dont allow my groups who come here to leave without trying it. Some love it- some not.

I have 'bean' (excuse the pun!) putting off trying the tinned foul you buy in the supermarket- figuring that it would be a bit like expecting macaroni cheese from a can to taste like'the real thing'... but today I tried my first home cooked from a can 'Foul Medammes'. I had the 'shamiya receipe' with hummos and olive oil........ and what surprised and pleased me was that all you have to do is heat it and add whatever oil and spices you want. quick, easy, tasty, cheap, healthy. My new stable diet I think! (does this mean I am 'going local' ???!!!)

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