Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The whole of Cairo is crazy busy tonight because it is the shakira concert! The annoying thing is that I got the chance of a ticket- but didn't have anyone to go with so had to say no. Can you believe it? There are many things I am happy to do on my own ........... but going to a pop concert is not one of them!

So what will I do instead? well- I spent the whole day cleaning the fridge in my new flat..... so I dont know that my evening can possibly get more exciting than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suspect one of the things i will miss most about my flat in Zamalek (apart for the amazing views!) is the privacy........ unfortunatly my new flat is in built up area and I'll have to be careful which windows I leave open etc...... never thought I would wish i had net curtains!!!! (have in bedroom and they are a relief!) oh- and talking of curtains.... you should see the horrible ones that are up in the living room just now.......... wow! They gotta go............. material shopping for me I guess! Soon! (heading to Khan el Khalili tomorrow night- so it'll be interesting to see what I 'HAVE' to buy for my new place!!!!!) I love this bit about getting a new house......... problem is - when I eventually do return to Edinburgh I am never going to be able to afford a house large enough to put all these lovely things in!!!

Oh- discovered another problem with the new place....... I am going to end up over eating there. From 3 pm every afternoon some cruel cruel person starts barbequing chicken for about 2 hours (guessing there is a restaurant around I haven't found yet!) The smell, when you are hungry, is enough to drive any sane persons bonkers!

A good thing about my new location- I have at least 4 '2.50le' shops in the area. Remember when 99p shops actually meant that everything in the shop cost exactly 99p............ well this is the equivelent......... so for the grand total of 15le (less than £1.30) I bought 2 tea towels, a pan warmer and 3 glasses! Wish i could find some nice wine glasses (mind you- hard to get nice wine here... so maye that would just depress me if I did have them!!!)

I am happy. Off to fight the shakira traffic to take another taxi load of stuff over there now! really gotta get internet connection asap though...... but this weekend is a public holiday- the prophets birthday - so everything will be shut early tomorrow til mon.... so that may have to wait...

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