Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ramadan Revelry Tour- dates and contacts for workshops and performances

I feel like i haven't been blogging for ages- i miss it! This entry is going to be all about my Ramadan Revelry tour of UK and Ireland 2010.. since I have been receiving emails from people asking how to go about booking their place... and right enough- time is running out... ramadan is nearly here (you can tell because all the shops in Cairo have mountains of dried fruit and nuts piled outside their doors!).. but I promise soon I'll write more about life in Cairo!!!

So far... all the dates confirmed and contact details for booking are as follows......... If you are already friends with me on my 'Lorna of Cairo facebook page then you will be awware of all these events... but if not then here's the links so you can check them out!!!!

London- Sat 14th Aug- Workshops and Performance

performance info-

Workshop info-!/event.php?eid=122324481131478&ref=ts


Leeds- Sat 21st Aug- Workshops and Performance and Private classes

info on -!/event.php?eid=129997457019477&ref=ts

contact- Sabrina on

Birmingham- Sun 22nd Aug- Performance

Hafla featuring Lorna and some of the Midlands best dancers
Sunday 22nd Aug, 7pm.
Erdington Conservative Club, Orphanage Road, Erdington
Tickets £10pp (£5pp performers) ...Includes Buffet at 6.15pm

contact- Lisa on

Glasgow- Sat 28th Aug- Workshops

for info-!/event.php?eid=146738692007638&ref=mf

to contact- Imman on or Suraya on

Edinburgh- Sat 4th Sept- Workshops and Private classes

for info-!/event.php?eid=141426359220178&ref=ts

to contact- Elspeth on
For private classes contact me direct!

Dublin- Sun 5th Sept- Workshops

for info-

to contact- Ciara on or adele on

Thats all for now.... althought there are a couple of potential things too to add- but will publish those detials if and when they happen!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


I am really loving performing saaidi just now... I think because I didn't have a stick for so long (mine was stolen from work). So now i can do it (bought new sticks!) , and i am loving it... esp in this costume by Amera el Kattan.... it just ripples with every movement!

Saaidi music works well with all the Arabs that have just suddenly appeared in Cairo too- this week. I guess they are making the most of the month before Ramadan, by the looks of it! Unfortunatly that means that a lot of Cairo's painted ladies have also become more apparent. It makes for a less than wholesome feel to a performance when you know who are in your audience! Ah well... there but for the grace of God and all that... Thank god i dance for the love of it, and not out of neccesity. The sights I see here! Scary!

Monday, July 12, 2010


What a day...
I felt so proud of myself, going through all my costumes and washing all the veils.. getting those impossible to remove lipgloss stains off them.... if anyone has any specialist tricks for doing that I'd love to hear them!!!

Unfortunatly, the stain remover i used... does actually say in bold 'not to use on silk'.... but I noticed that AFTER i took my lovely red SILK veil out the water where I had been lovingly washing it in said stain remover. Silly silly me. Also, i figured that if i machine washed veils that were all synthetic the colours wouldn't run... well they didn;t- apart from one..... onto a lovely cream/gold veil, which is now 'bambi' ie baby pink! grrr. I was incrediably annoyed with myself!!!

Anyway- i figured they all looked so pretty on the line that a photo was called for and only after i had finished i noticed that i had a washing line full of veils and bikinis.... oh what a life I have!!!!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Learn arabic with CD's

I love it.............. I can't recommend this course enough...

I am still working my way through it... but even the intial 2 CD's taught me things I didn't know after living here in Cairo for over 4 years. The instruction is easy to follow... and learn and use straight away. They use Egyptian 'ammeya' ie what you need for life and work in Cairo! It's worth every penny!

If you want to learn to speak arabic THIS is the way to do it!

I used this course (ie Michel Thomas) for french years ago... and it really worked... after 8 hours listening to the cd's in the car i could understand and speak passable french (its gone now- not used it for years- but thats my fault- not the course!) I have been waiting ages for the arabic version to come out and am so happy to have it now and that its in Egyptian dialect!!!