Monday, March 05, 2007

A Blog history of bellydance…….Part 7

Part 7- What was the point of all this….?

The Bellydance Banquet show I produced in Edinburgh in February was part of a Middle Eastern peace and spirituality festival. Along with the food and dancing I included (with the lovely Elspeth doing the narration!) this potted history of bellydance. Why? The idea was to show that ALL things are better, including dance, when you allow other cultures, other ideas, other rhythms in. Finding a balanced blend where each compliments the other and brings out the best in them. Traditions help hold societies together and should be celebrated and dance is the best way I have ever found to celebrate anything!

Now the Jerry Springer bit;
Bellydance (or Raqs sharqi) has grown into the art form it is today from its many historical and cultural influences. Perhaps we too, the people of the world, could learn to grow from taking on the good things from many different cultural influences. Perhaps then the world would be a more peaceful place.

(Or at least we could all be a lot happier dancing around the world!!!!)

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