Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Why can't i dance without rivers of sweat dripping from my chin???

I wish i could.

Some dancers don't sweat at all...

I am NOT one of those.

I've joked that all the water in the Nile is actually the sweat that has dripped off the bodies of all the dancers who have performed on the Nile over the years! Well... that would probably be cleaner that the actual Nile water anyway!

Some people have told me that if I dance with less effort i won't sweat as much.

If i dance with less effort i won't enjoy dancing and therefore people won't enjoy watching me.

so I'll keep on sweating.....................

................ sorry... i should say glowing shouldn't I?

I'll keep on glowing!

I guess the 40+++ tempratures don't really help. On saturday night at 1.30am it was 35deg. In the middle of the night! Thank god for air conditioning! Growing up in cold, wet Scotland all my life, I never thought I'd say that!

any tips for sw.... sorry... glowing less on stage I am happy to hear them!??? So far i wear oil free foundation so that my mascara doesn't end up on my chin... and lots of pressed powder so calm to waterfall..... but other than that- no ideas........ help?

Oh the joys of a dancers life!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Back.

The tourists are here...

well, they always are in Cairo really, but recently we have started getting more and more coach loads of them coming to the Pharoahs boats for lunch cruises... so I have been performing a lot in the mornings too, not just at night!

Sorry to say it, and i don't mean to offend anyone, but I have to admit... I dread it when those buses are full of Russians. I am sure they are lovely people... but they tend to make for a very cold audience. Even the children often give me an icy glare when i smile at them. I find it amazing that people film my dance on their camerass and mobile's and then don't give anything back, good enough to film, but not to applaud? There have been lots of Italians too.... they love it when you pull someone from the group up on stage. The Americans usually make the most receptive audiences.... lots of loud applause at the end of each song- lovely. The Japanese of course give you lots of lens contact.... and the Brits are the ones who fully get my sense of humour.

Anyway... lots of work- thats a good thing right?

.... right.... when i am in full fitness. Which i was on friday. I'd been good- I'd had a class during the day, then done lots of stretching before going to work..... then on my 1st tummy pop in my 1st number... I popped my back instead of my tummy. I did the move right... but I think I must have been slightly twisted or something... anyway- my back felt like I had snapped something inside. However... i still have to complete that show, and do another 3 as well, that night!!!!!!!!!!!! 800mg ibuprofen didn't even take the edge off it..... It was NOT a good night. Especiallty since the last show was a massive crowd of Egyptian all celebrating a wedding.. and in party mood.. and i could only dance like a stick (or thats what it felt like to me) i was so disappointed with myself.

In the morning... no change......... still sore to walk, sit stand.... and of course hellish to sneeze (which i have been doing since i also have a cold- occupational hazard when you dance and sweat in a AC'd room each night). However, I had to go to work becuase I had an 11am sail in addition to my normal evening sail. Problem was, when I got there i go the news that it wasn't one sail... but 3 morning sails ( so that means 4 sails total in the day with the number of shows anywhere between 4 and 8).

I cried. Literally- when i heard what i was going to have to put my back through- I cried, and took more paracetomal!

In the end i did 6 shows...... and did a clenched teeth smile through them all........ I love my job , i really really do... but not when I am in pain! It hurt esp to do anything with any kind of forward back pelvic tilt.... so if you are a dancer, you can imagine that rules out a LOT of moves....

The positive slant on all of this? I played about with different angles to do moves and different moves to accent certain parts in the music where normally i would have done a camel, or twist or pelic tilt! In fact, it may, bizarrely enough have been a good thing long term for my dance since it forced me to explore alternatives... rather than choosing the move i would have gone for 1st.

Today I am still in pain. Still no rest (2 sails tonight).... although doing nothing all day and having a massage before work too, so fingers crossed that all helps.

I just have to say though, that i am not writing this blog to receive get well wishes or anything like that...or even to moan abotu what happened.... but because i wanted to tell you the Egyptian take on what happened.......

the 'fact'- I pulled a muscle/pinched a nerve- something like that- something physical- directly related to a movement i did and i felt it at the time!

the 'Egyptian fact'- you have a cold in your back.... what the....?


the 'Egyptian fact no. 2'- the more popular one- wait for it............ Someone watching me dance had a bad eye. ie the evil eye, or envious eye. So many Egyptians will say it for anything that goes wrong; a shoe heel snaps, you trip on a paving stone, you pull a muscle in your back.... that it happened because someone is jealous of you!!!!! Hence all the wearing of turquiose, and the 'hand of fatima' or 'hamsa hamisa' and holding your hand infront of you with the fingers sprea- 5 - the magic number to confront all evil with?!!!!!!


fingers crossed, or maybe spread!!!!, that tonights shows go well, without any jealous feelings attached from any audience member who might wish me harm!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lorna in London... in August!

London too are getting excited about me coming over- more workshops and performances! Here's a copy of their events page too!!!

Start Time: Saturday, 14 August 2010 at 10:00
End Time: Sunday, 15 August 2010 at 00:00
Location: Studio 6, The Place
Street: 17 Duke's Street
Town/City: London, United Kingdom

Description.It's almost been a year since the incredible Lorna Gow Star of Cairo was in London and we are delighted to announce 2 inspiring new workshops!

As always workshop places will be strictly limited to allow you the greatest learning experience with this experienced and generous dancer who is 'living the dream' as a professional dancer in Cairo!

The workshops will again be fast-paced and challenging, and geared towards at least intermediate/improver dancers.

Workshop 1: Making the Most of Your Floorspace

As dancers we often find ourselves performing in a variety of different dance spaces mostly in cramped conditions, and occassionally on a large stage.

Drawing on her own extensive experience as a professional performer, Lorna will show you how to include different step patterns, moves and turns to fit any dance space you may find yourself in!

Workshop 2: Adapt Your Dance to Different Music Styles

Don't get stuck a dance rut! If you find yourself lacking confidence to try new dance styles, this is the workshop for you!

Lorna will take some basic belly dance moves and show you how to easily adapt them to fit whatever musical style you are dancing to such as Shaabi, Nubian, Oriental, Saiidi, Alexandrian etc.

Both workshops will be taught in Lorna's dynamic and exhilirating Modern Cairo style!

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn from a dancer who has an incredible insight into the Egyptian dance world and Egyptian culture!

Early Bird Discounts available!

After the workshop, Lorna will be performing exclusively for Saqarah along with a hand picked line up of dancers!

Please see the Saqarah website for more information and to book:


Lorna in Leeds... this coming August...

Leeds are getting excited about my visit... and i am too...... Here's a copy of the facebook events page, I am guessing booking early is a good idea with the amount of interest so far!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 21 August 2010
Time: 11:00 - 15:30
Location: Dance studio @ Fitness first, Redcote Lane
Street: Off Kirkstall Road
Town/City: Leeds, United Kingdom

Description.We are delighted to announce that Lorna of Cairo is coming to Leeds to teach and perform for us. Lorna currently lives and works as a dancer in Cairo and if you have seen Lorna perfom before you will know exactly why we are so excited about this event. For those of you who have not seen Lorna dance before here is a great opportunity to learn from her and get a glimpse into her fabulous style. Lorna is a fun approachable teacher and I guarantee you will get lots from these workshops

Workshop details

Golden Era Goes Modern
Lorna will explore the look and feel of the golden era dancers and how they still influence modern Cairo style today.

Time - 11am till 1pm

Lorna Style
Lorna has a distinct personal style that is a perfect mixture of drama, fun and power. In this workshop Lorna will be looking at these elements and how to incorpotate them into your own dance.

Time 1.15pm till 3.15 pm

One workshop - £20
Two workshops - £30

Please also see related event, "An Evening with Lorna of Cairo" - If you have seen her dance before you will not hesitate to come to this event, if you haven't seen her dance this is your chance and it's one not to be missed.

Lorna will be performing three sets for us with the lovely Adam Warne providing live drumming.

And there will be plenty of time to boogie the night away into the early hours.

What more could you want from a Saturday night??

Saturday 21st August 8 till late
Mook wine bar, hirsts yard, Leeds city centre
The cost of the evening will be £10 in advance & £12 if you pay on the door on the night. Please see related event "Workshops with Lorna of Cairo" for offer on workshops and evening package.

The cost for the evening event is just £10 however if you are a Banat Eshorouk member you can purchase two workshops and the evening with ticket for just £35. Membership to Banat is £5 for lifetime membership so it's a bit of a no brainer as we offer discounts on all our events thoughout the year to our members.

How to Book
Please send a cheque made payable to Banat Eshorouk to the address below and include your contact details and a note of what part of the day you would like to attend.....

Sabrina Owen
1 Summerfield Gardens
LS13 1AS

If you would like any more information please contact me on...

audience participation

the latest youtube update of my dancing..... dont' you love an audiences attention span.... the drunk friend gets all the film footage- the dancer on her own isn't interesting enough to film. *sigh*. ah well..... it's all part of a night's work....

Monday, June 07, 2010

I love Paris in the springtime


....... but I'm not so sure about in the summer!

I danced for Paris Hilton last week. She hired out my boat... for her and her friends (and security) for a sunset sail.

It started out well... everyone looking and smiling... Paris herself (dressed like a 'normal' person in cap, tshirt and jeans) even filmed me on her iphone (which had a lovely sparkely cover). However... the concentration span was short and by the end of my 1st dance she had opened had laptop (apple mac) and was sitting with that in front of her and her huge dark glasses on.... for the rest of the sail! When I did a costume change she did pause for a second to take another snap (fashion ideas???) and then back to her computer.

No she didn't have the wee pooch with her.... maybe she was talking to him on msn?

It was a very demoralising show... thank god for the people she brought with her. There were 3 tables... Paris and her girls (all young and beautiful and cosying around her computer, one her photographer, the others i don't know who), one table of well-heeled young Egyptians and the table of security. Thanks god for the Egyptians and bouncers!!!! At least from their reactions i KNEW that the lack of interest from Paris wasn't anything to do with my dance!!!

I assumed that we wouldn't be doing the usual going around the tables to do photographs thing... but the photographer indicated that i should.... so I went up to Paris table and said, 'hello ladies....... would you like a photo?' well I was in work mode wasn't I? anyway- i didn't really think about the pause before they answered yes..... not until i was back in the changing room... but i am maybe the only person who has asked Paris if she'd like a photo with me!!!!! hehe

Anyway, it was an experience... and Paris has me dancing on her iphone.

Playing with Melaya leff

It took me ages to perform on the boat with Melaya- cos i always used to feel I *had* to wear those flowery short dresses to do it in.... which is ok for that one dance, but to then do anything after is limiting!..... then i decided on the trouser costume as an alternative- and i love it! I really do have so much fun when i dance these songs and play with the audience like this. Cheeky doesn't get a look in!

Thanks Adele for filming these when you were in town!

Dancing to Warda

I love this song...Ehdono-el-Ayam..... all about holding onto the good days, hug them to you, because the days of love can run away from you!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Latest Lorna video and warning to all female travellers!

This is the latest clip online of me performing.

The costume (Eman Zaki) looks lovely but the dancing is not in my opinion my best ever- but perhaps my opinion is swayed becuase i can't take my eyes off my huge (for me) belly!!!!!!! where did all of that come from? It's gone now- dancing over 30 shows in last 2 weeks has made sure of that! Amazing what Egyptian food can do to a body!

Think I might have to get into the studio for a stretch before work tonight...

BBC weather page says the max temp today is 40 deg- but i don't believe it- the wind is strong and its like a hairdryer on you constantly!

WARNING to all female travellers arriving esp alone at Cairo airport. DO NOT TAKE A TAXI FROM THE TOUTS WHO COME AROUND THE ARRIVAL ENTRANCE!

Instead go to the airport taxi/limo desk. The prices are the same, usually... and the saftely is the amin thing. Above all never get in a private car that is not even marked taxi!

A guests arrived yesterday but did get in a private car, not realising she shouldn't, since the driver was laughing and chatting with the police, which assured her that things were ok. I won't put details of exactly what happened.... but lets just say he was a pervert and she was very upset by the time she eventually arrived to my house. I think she was actually lucky that things weren't actually worse than they had been, becuase he drove her, intentionally, out of town into a deserted area 1st, knowing she wouldn't be able to attract attention or get help. PLEASE take care. Even if you end up spending a few extra pounds on an airport taxi- it is worth it! The police take a register of the taxi number and the nationality of the people in it, so you are protected..... unlike private cars where they don't even check who you are and no-one has a note of anything!