Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sleeping in the heat

ok- so tell me- does anyone have any answers........


if you sleep under a fan at night you 'catch' a cold- a cold can be a common cold- or a 'cold' in your stomach- go figure.

if you sleep in AC- you get really ill, and dehydrated (plus it is expensive and really noisy)

if you sleep without anything you sweat so much you wake up drowning , ok so not literally- but not far off (remember its often hotter than 20degrees here at night!)

so tell me- what is a girl to do???????????

I have been in bed for days now with a horrible chest infection (and bad diahhorea) both of which, if I listen to Egyptian folklore, I got because I slept under a fan. Somehow I can't believe that- but really don't know now what to do for the best!!!

But- on an up note- I actually bite the bullet after a year and a half here and phoned a dentist for an appointment- have been too scared too up til now- but needs must- so that story to follow!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

When i am performing until end August

I am on the Nile Pharoah 19th, 20th, 21st and 28th August.

Golden Pharoah 29th August.

Nile Pharoah sails 8.45pm and 11.30pm
Golden Pharoah sails 7.45pm and 10.45pm

probably some other dates in between too- but these will probably be confirmed on a day to day basis, unfortunatly!!! (I need more work!!!!!) Hoping these new photos will help increase the number of wedding bookings etc etc- keep your fingers crossed for me. I know it takes time for your name to get known , but 6 days off in a row (beacuse there are 5 dancers working there) makes me feel so lazy- it's hard getting back into work again after that!!!

sound levels...

I am being frustrated every night by the authorites! The Egyptian ministry of Interior now have boats on the Nile with sound measuring equipement who go alongside the cruise boats and close down any businesses who go over the allowed levels. I know of one boat already which has been closed due to this!

This means that the managers on the boats where I work at the Pharoah, are incrediably paranoid all the time and are forever asking my band to lower the volume. This makes it very difficult to get the atomsphere going when I am dancing and frustrates my musicians no end. But what can we do?

The system was set up because some of the boats are nightclubs- with the volumes of music you would associate with that, rather than places like us with 'normal' levels.... but its affecting us all. Grr.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

last, but not least.......

Black costume pics....

stick pics..............

This was the part of the shoot where he shouted at me..................... seemingly I kept doing lots of good poses , but then changed them everytime he moved- I thought I was doing good... but he was moving around in order to catch that perfect shot- so was rather annoyed at me! ah well- I am a dancer- I am supposed to move, rather than a model!!!

the magazine shots...........

ok- so not actually for a magazine- but from the style of them they look like thats what they are supposed to be for!!!

This last one was the photographers favourite from the shoot........

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lilac 'Eman Zaki' Costume photos...

even at 9am the sun was scorching and blinding- but like the results!!!

tried not to add them all- but finding it hard narrowing down the good ones....!!! there is lots more to come!

more gold costume photos...

love the black and whites.......

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Photos- gold

The first of the photo's from the photos shoot by M. Joudi (top fashion photographer here in Cairo!)

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Citadel

ok- So I have visited the Citadel here in Cairo countless times..................... but never like this.

For a start- its MUCH larger place than I had realised before- if you walk round to the milatary museam (when I never fancied before so never went- ever) there and gardens there and everything!

I discovered this last night when I went with my good friend Anna Louise, to see a columbian concert there! They seemingly do this every summer- sponsered by the Opera House. Last night there were 3 sepereate stages with performances- a oriental/nubian orchestra, and classical harp ensemble and the group from columbia. ALL FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We watched a little of the harp one while waiting for the columbian group to start. I would have loved the oriental of course- but guess I will have to go with different people who enjoy that sort of music next time! Anyway- the columbian group were great (except the sound system was lousy) there was a prob with a couple fo the mics coming in and out and one speaker would just switch itself off and on again randomly at will. other than that the main spectacle was the audience who just went crazy (all the latino embassies were there!) danicing in the aisles and in their seats- the stewards where having a terrible job trying to contain the excitment!!! Fun.

and for free.............. need to go surf online and see if I can find a program of events for the rest of the summer- would love to go back whenever I am not working!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

bits and bobs ...

I haven't been so good at writing often and keep missing the little things I mean to put in here.. so here goes..

Fish- last friday I went to Ain Sokna again , with a group of friends. It was a stunning hot sunny day- and spent lots of time in the sea which was lovely! One of the group swam out further than the rest and a flying fish swim out the water and brushed past him- causing a angry looking welt on his arm!!! guess fish do fight!

what else- oh- smoking sheesha just before you perform is NOT a good idea............ leaves you out of breath and a bit dizzy!!!

Band and me- we are experimenting trying out new songs each night.......... picture this- I am on top deck ,on the Nile, between sails (ie trips out, rather than between 'the' sails!!!) , surrounded by my band (6 of them) and they are singing me song after song until we find one I know, like and want to dance to. They all play their parts- so they mimic the tabla and duff and org etc etc ........ it really is a show in itself! Esp when the technicians and other crew join in a particularly favourite song!!! Oh and then you get some of them up dancing.................. really, very entertaining. I feel so honoured at times being a part of it all!!!

Cultural differences- a couple of weeks ago, and this happened twice in the space of days, 2 seperate singers from the western band (they change in same room as me) both said the same- 'ah, inti takhena shwaya' meaning literally 'oh you have got a little fatter' JUST what you want to hear seconds before you go onto stage!!!! The 1st time it happened I swear I danced really badly cos my self confidence was shattered, it might be true but NO woman ever wants to hear it! HOWEVER- what they meant- was 'oh good- you are filling out a bit- you look sexier like that, more curves'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So in so many ways- here, bigger still is better! (in some peoples eyes!)

Samia- I thought I would sit down a couple of days ago and watch some DVD's of famous dancers before I went to work- to inspire me...... so I watch Samia Gamal (wish Farid would just get out of shot and let her have space to get on with it!) and I always feel refreshed by her light and cheerful manner. Like watching a butterfly on a summers day. HOWEVER- anyone thinking of doing this yourself before you dance be warned- you will be inspired, and your dancing may improve BUT you WILL feel like a left footed elephant on stage! WEll........ I did.

screaming fans

ok- I have to tell you all about this cos I am still in shock.
last night, I was in a taxi , heading home from work, when i heard screaming.................

the taxi next to me was full of teenage saudi girls in complete hysterics................. because they had just seen me perform and there I was 'the fanana' (star) in the taxi next to them!

the 2 taxi drivers thought this was a great laugh so they zig zaged their way around each other with one girl reaching her entire upper body out of the car window trying to reach me........!!!!

eventually the taxis stopped and the girls rushed out and I swear my cheeks were brusied because of all the kissing I received on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They almost physically pulled me out the taxi through the window!! they were so excited that one girl couldn't even hold her mobile phone straight to take a picture- she was shaking so much.

I really don't remember ever feeling that level of hysteria- so to be causing it was just a brainwarp!

It was a VERY bizarre and unusual, to say the least, experience- but one I think I'll never forget!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

on the boat...

oh- in case you are checking this to come see me dance. I am on the Nile Pharoah 7th, 8th and 9th August and the Golden Pharoah 15th.

Leila (american) is back at work on the boat again after having her baby boy, Yousif- so the rota is being shared by 5 of us now- so unfortuanatly not as much work for any of us unless the tourist season picks up. Its their worst summer on the boats- just not enough people!

Guessing the Arabs re travelling elsewhere.................not that you'd think that watching them all in the hantour's (horse drawn carraiges) from which they through firecrackers at the street (and sometimes at people- just for fun) and cruising around mohandiseen- blocking the roads...... grr..!

Crazy Hours

I finished work last night at 1am... ate and slept for 2 hours- before getting up for a photoshoot at 5am........ I returned home 9 hrs later- to sleep for one hour before going to Golds to teach my class there, then , after a lovely meal (really couldn't say which you'd call it- breakfast? lunch? who knows..) I went home for 1 more hour sleep before I left for work at 10.30pm. Its now 2.45 am and I am just finished eating my 'meal' before going to bed again. 4hrs sleep in total, in 3 seperate stints- bizarre and totally horrible!!! I am completely dazed!

The car broke down on way there- so the photographer is busy with hood up fixing it and I am sitting in front seat putting on false nails- at 5.30am- so surreal!

The photoshoot was amazing though- thank god for make up artists after that little sleep i tell you! My skin is crying out for a facial now though- after all the hours standing about and dancing in thick make up!!!That might be my treat to myself once i have caught up on th sleep!! oh - and before you all ask- yes of course I'll add the photos as soon as I get them!!!!!

oh- an aside-

I saw a policeman, standing in road- directing traffic with a sherbit dip style lollypop in his mouth!!!!!!!!
the origins of where lollypop man came from perhaps???!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I have a new cleaner..................... so happy! The last one had a string of misfortunes and I think mainly my new flat was just too far from her's for her to manage- so it took 2 months , but I have a new lady working for me who is lovely. She started yesterday- but it will take a while for her to scramble her way through the sand dunes which have gathered in my living room- really- you can't believe the amount of 'dust' (aka sand or grime) that can gather here in Cairo over a 2 month period! Scary!

So now I have to try and arrange another photoshoot asap.......... but most of the photographers I know seems to be at the north coast- don't blame them!

no work til saturday- can't believe I got 6 days off in a row- wish I could know these things in advance- could have gone out of the city or something! ah well- thats the life and I have to take the bad with the good. No work does mean no money though unfortunatly! I need more wedding to start coming my way!