Monday, January 09, 2017

Dancing our way through 2017... Online Bellydance Coaching Sessions

Another year has started... and with it we all have made our New Years resolutions.... to get fit, to lose weight, to learn a new skill, to write more in our blogs, etc etc....

My main resolution is to DANCE MORE  (as well as some of the above!)

 So, help me out, and yourself too, if this appeals to you....

I've been asked by many of you for this for years. Now it's finally available- 

1-1 Online Bellydance Coaching sessions! 

Whether it's on FaceTime or Skype, now you can dance with me in my own home, while you're in your own home! 

Work on your technique, arms, combinations. Get feedback about your choreography/improvisation and trouble shoot- whatever you choose. I'll give homework for you to work on between our sessions online and am happy to discuss whatever dance topics you are interested in. 

Great for people who can't get to regular classes for whatever reason and all for those needing some new ideas and inspiration for their dance or in need of some specific help towards an upcoming performance.

Only £25 for a 30min session! (payable by Paypal)

Contact me at if you are interested and we can set up a date for our first one!

ps- In the sessions i have already taught, usually the video quality is far better than the photo quality on this flyer- but you get the idea!!! :-) 

Here's some feedback from some girls who have tried it already;

"Jam-packed with ideas, actionable tasks to work on and feedback on your dancing from  a pro - a 30 minute coaching session with Lorna of Cairo will give you more tools, ideas and insider knowledge than you can imagine, (I couldn't jot things down fast enough!) Plus she has an encouraging and warm personality to deliver it with. It's a great opportunity for accessible and affordable regular coaching from a professional dancer who 'made it' in Cairo - a dream for many and reality for few. Highly recommended". 

- Natalie Irvine 

" It was worth every penny. I learnt far more than I would have in a workshop and with correction too. 😀"  Anon