Friday, August 18, 2006

Technologically Advanced

Imagine- a website with the menu for every restaurant in your home town- where you can view all menus and prices and then tick a box and press enter to make your order, which is then delivered to your door within half an hour for a very small delivery charge. Any delays, or problems with your order are immediately phoned through to you, and your final bill is emailed to you, as receipt.

So you could have Indian food, while your partner could have Chinese food and you could have drinks from yet somewhere else…….……oh and a phone card from somewhere else……… In Cairo this is indeed possible- and it works!!!!!!!!!

Only possible in a huge city with a massive market and cheap delivery crew and petrol prices!

Oh- and the other website which really impressed me because is so unexpected here, and very useful, is the site for Cairo international airport. . They have the arrivals and departures screen (the one you see when you go to the airport) on and updated every 3 minutes!!!!!

My friend Nick, who is here to visit this week, was telling me that in his experience in India it was similar there - technology wise. It's almost like 'they' assume that all these things are already happening in the west because they use phrases like 'finally' or 'eventually' when they produce them, as if they are catching up with someone – although in fact in some cases they are ahead!!!

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