Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nile Maxim

Went with Harriet on sunday night to go see Asmahan perform on the Nile Maxim (5* floating restaurant- very nice!!!- current dancers Asmahan, Leyla and Hanadi). Asmahan was a true performer as always- entering the stage twice in bizarre fashion- once inside a star, then later from inside a large present with bow. Such a shame it was so busy - for 2 reasons- 1st- we were sat very far away from dance floor so didn't get to see her properly and 2nd- because part of her job there is to go around the tables getting her photo taken with lots of the guests- and when its busy she sometimes has to spend more time doing this than actually dancing. A good reason to go to the later show in future when its usually less busy!

Once she noticed me in the audience there was no way out of it (as if I was fighting it anyway!!!) and she got me up to dance and entertain the crowd as she worke the tables. She put her silly hat on me and I had a lot of fun. One of her backing dancers took my camera and went snap happy with it- so i have included some pics for your amusement! Not exactly how I want to show you all me performing in Cairo- but the best i can offer at the moment! There is one in there that shows how a camel can make you (me)look 5 months pregnant if caught at just the wrong moment- I'm not- but wanted to include the pic so you can see her band!

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