Tuesday, August 08, 2006

passing comments

I know mine will be your first experience of 'blogs' for a lot of you reading this- it was for me anyway! So in case you don't realise- you can add your own comment to anything I have written just by clicking on the comments- its nice to know what you think- and if there is anything you would like to ask me more about! (be aware your comments can be read by everyone else too!!!) Look forward to hearing from you!

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caroline said...

hey lorna, its been fantastic reading about your life in cairo, sounds like your having a wonderful experience, its really kept me going recently espesially since my own recent wonderful experience is all consuming even though she is very cute with it, Lilia of course! shes now 3 months and a week today and is filling my life with a world of new experieinces - i must remember to send you a recent pic. seems like a lifetime ago since my thoughts and life were all about dance and i am very suprised to find that i have not really missed dancing/teaching like i thought i would, to be honest not really had much time but your blog leaves me in dreamland, stirring my passion once again and also wondering when on earth i will be able to travel to cairo again. Can't wait for you to meet my little girl, keep living your dream and i'll keep dreaming about your dream love and hugs caroline x