Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lorna (bellylorna) in Cairo, Egypt- Bellydance

ok guys forgive me for this post- but I thought I would do a search on www.blogger.com to find my blog just by inputing my name 'Lorna' and guess what- hundreds of other blogs came up (largely ones I wouldn't dare open for fear of the nature of their contents!!!!) but not mine- it wasn't there- or not in the 1st hundred anyway!!!! so this wee entry is just for people to find me if they don't know my blog address!!!! Thanks for the patience!

ps- drat- still only comes up quickly if you type in bellylorna or lorna cairo- ah well....live and learn.

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Nick said...

I think you need to give the search engines a bit more time to do their searching. Maybe now it will come up. I'll try it. Nick