Monday, August 07, 2006

Miss the Fringe

I really thought it would make a pleasant change- dancing in Cairo this August rather than Edinburgh- and there are certainly highlights to being here- but I REALLY miss the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!!!!!!! After winning first prize in the Cavalcade for our Morocco Walima float last year (and knowing my picture has been used for months now in Evening News to advertise this year's festivities) it really hurt to know it was all going on without me! Glad to hear a fellow Cairo-mad bellydancer Margaret Anderson got her face in the papers this year- well done girl!! Funny- dancing down Princes St. seems the most natural thing in the world yet I wouldn't even contemplate dancing in the sharia here!!!

So no Bellydance Banquet this year (my dance show every year at Morocco Walima, Dundas St. during the fringe for those who don't know!!!) There is still dancing 7 nights a week in the restaurant, if not every lunch time- so go enjoy some of the best bellydancing in Scotland!! Missing my team of comperes too! - Elspeth, Nick and Hannah. Ah well- when I come back- whenever that is going to be, we'll just have to have a special 'off season' Bellydance Banquet instead!!!

If you are in Edinburgh this August- make the most of your own city's wonderful festival and please go see a few shows for me!!!

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