Sunday, April 15, 2007


One of the things I have benefited from whist unable to work here has been having so much time free for socialising- and therefore meeting so many lovely new friends. A group of us went out for a few 'fruit juices' last week and ended up in a nightclub til 7am!!!!
Here's Salem (who travelled back home to Syria today) Linda, Hussain and myself
Me and Abeer
Oh- and did I forget to mention- before we went to the club we went to the Marriot Nightclub to see Rhanda in all her glory. She came on with Wings!!!!!!!!!!! I was so stunned that I tried really hard to get a good photo of it but the lighting wasn't great... I wouldn't say wings were her forte... but it made a nice change.

Rhanda was of course stunning as usual....... although maybe a little tired (hardly surprising the number of hours she seems to work- she's a strong lady!)


Kaydee said...

oh my God is that a six pack?
looks like a sixer of silver bullet on her abdomen. ay ay ay so strong! I must she this woman dance, inshallah yarbi!

Simply Eva said...

Wonderful, wonderful blog! I love to read about expats in Egypt--I'm going to add you. Maybe on my next trip to Egypt we can meet for lunch!

Simply Eva said...

Wonderful, wonderful blog. I love to read about expats in Egypt!

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Yes Ava, Rhanda has a 6 pack to die for- she is a strong lady (in all respects) I admire her very much!

and Eva- ta for the 'blog support'!!!! I am loving being here in Egypt- so its easy to write about it!