Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sand and Camels

Last week I went with a friend, Abeer, to camel ride at the pyramids. As many of you know this was not my first time on a camel- but it was for Abeer!

We, of course, managed to choose a day with sandstorms- but that only seemed to add to the excitement. What a bizarre place to pitch a tent... in the storm it looked like it was going to take off across the Sahara any second!

I thought I'd add some pics since there has definetly not been enough camels on this blog so far! My Camel seemed to always look in any direction except at the pyramid itself! Wonder what they make of these huge pointy things in their desert!

My current screen saver- so calming.......... you'd never guess how hard it was to find a piece of sand which looked like this, rather than covered with stones.... one of these days I will get out into the real desert, however in the meantime there seems to be enough in Cairo to keep me occupied!

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