Thursday, April 26, 2007

A poem on Bellydancing..

Goddess of The Dance
by Amy I. Ramdass
lifted from

Goddess of the Dance

A sensually awakening dance as old as the Nile
Come hither smiles, sweet feminine wiles
Heat reverberating to the depths of her sole
She twirls and shimmies with mesmerizing hip rolls

This exotic primal dance promoted at one time
A woman's most enjoyable and fruitful pastime
Like an aphrodisiac uncurling sensual side
And rousing loins with mysterious eyes wide

Life begins the belly, the womb of mother earth
From the sexual act to conception to ultimate birth
She lovingly tells us this as she picks up the pace
Undulating her body with soft dignity and grace

Swaying all the right parts with such emotion
Stationery like Mother Earth yet constantly in motion
She shows off the beauty of the female form
All are spellbounded as she continues to perform

She enters your psyche, taking over your mind
Pulse beating to heady rhythms sensually entwined
Rising seductively to the music, not a beat amiss
She leads you to Nirvana, constant State of Bliss

The dance almost done, she gains speed suddenly
And then climax, fast and lively, grand finale
Her audience is still in the State of Hypnotic Trance
She is sweetly awakened, she is Goddess of the Dance

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