Monday, April 23, 2007

Nile Group Festival 17-22 April 2007

Well, I haven't written in the blog for a while as I have been really busy this past week… with the Nile Group festival on at the Movenpick hotel, here in Cairo.

On Opening Night (last Monday) - Tito, Lizza and Lucy all performed after the initial fashion show.

Tito's first number was a group saaidi stick number and it was really powerful- very masculine and entertaining! He had his backing dancers with him as always… and he also had a girl, who was very pretty, perform a solo choreography that he performed last festival. She did a lot of bent forward tummy flutters- which was most impressive when she was standing on a tabla at the time! Tito also performed a number with Dandash- she was lovely and actually- they worked quite well together!!!

Lizza excelled as usual with her Khaleegy number. It's always full of life and fun and classy with it. she had slimed down a lot from last festival too and was looking good...

Lucy's show, for me, wasn't as enjoyable as last time, although her Om khalsoum number was lovely- very tight controlled and emotive.

A good night- although as always at these events I feel after watching dancers I want to get up and dance about for fun and unfortunately there never seems to be a section for this built into the program. They do have the 'dance nights' where you can put your name down to compete and perform… but there isn't space really just to boogie.

photos will be added soon!

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