Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chatting in Arabic

I was so proud of myself today….. I had a 2 hour Arabic lesson this morning… then I taught a private dance class to an Egyptian girl I met in the gym. The good thing is that she doesn't speak English………. And we did our 1 hour class, but also sat and chatted for nearly 2 hours ……… IN ARABIC !!!!!!!!!! ok- so they was a lot of guess work and miming on both parts and I know my grammar wasn't perfect etc; but we both managed to make ourselves understood and had a laugh doing it…. For 2 hours! Feel so proud of myself- but also more determined than ever to actually be able to speak this damn language!!!!!


Anonymous said...

But how come you don't look Scottish at all in your profile pic? As a matter of fact you look more like an ugly Egyptian woman, not even pretty which is a shame. Do people even suspect you're a foreigner?

If you are a lousy dancer as you're (lousy looker) then Dina and Fifi rule!

But it won't make a difference, you will all burn in hell together eventually.

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Wow......... what can I say.You obviously have a lot of hate in your heart.

my mother used to tell me 'if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.....' You have a right to your opinion obviously...... but you also have the choice whether to voice it. I hope by doing so it made you feel really big.

you know i have a choice, 'mr/mrs Anonymous', whether to publish these comments or not.

I decided that i would let people see yours- just so show what people like me (who has striven hard to achieve a dream, giving up precious time with all the people I care about back home,giving up a great job at home and spending my life savings, struggling to fit in and be accepted into a new culture etc etc) have to put up with.Thank you.

Kaydee said...

good for you Lorna. "anonymous" is a coward for taking stabs from the shadows, and exhibits an evil spirit. maybe "anonymous" should take some lessons of peace, kindness and integrity from Islam and the prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him. I admire how you responded. -very grand spirited by contrast. I am inspired by your accomplishments and courage. The force of light is within you illuminating the path through the valley of the shadow. people like 'anonymous'who succumb to darkness and demons have no power over you.