Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm Scottish- not English!

Last night I attended a party at a friend's house, with Kay (who runs Farida Holidays) and her group. They had music and food and drink and the atmosphere was lovely- lots if dancing! After a small group of us went on to the Arizona Nightclub (VERY shabby little place downtown) It was the usual low class club with too much reverb on the music and 'dancer' after 'dancer'. Except that last night there was one at least who could really dance. She was really nice to watch. We got up and did our thing too of course….good fun.

The fun ended for us, when the singer (a large, red faced, saaidi man) decided to pick on us tourists. One of the girls had told him she was from England and that gave him the ammunition he needed unfortunately. He started singing-

'These people are from London- they may as well be from America, I am Saaidi I am Egyptian. In Egypt we had people like Nasser who fought to get the British out of Egypt'…………… at this point I ordered the bill and we left. I wasn't going to wait for the next line in the song!!!!!!!!

I guess he didn't realise that I would understand, or maybe he did. Anyway- it made it easier to leave that’s for sure. I can understand why Egyptians might feel resentment to the British… I really do…. (After all, there are some Scot's who still feel a similar way to the English even though those wars were not within even our parents lifetimes!!!) However it was a very uncomfortable situation, and the whole event made me realise how much of that type of attitude I avoid by telling people here that I am Scottish (much better than saying I am British, but neither obviously as bad, from last nights example, as saying you are English!)

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