Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Outside emotions

I was mooching around the flat today- still feeling low and sorry for myself when I heard really loud music and lots of hand clapping going on outside my front window... I stepped onto the balcony, looked down, and there was a large boat, with it's top deck crammed with people all dancing and singing, having the time of their lives. Every colour in the rainbow was represented in their clothing and the sunset was made special for me by seeing them enjoy it all so much.
Even now I can still hear music filtering out of a variety of venues along the Nile, and car horns tooting some happy couple along to their engagement or wedding party.

Cairo always seems so alive. So bursting with all aspects of live. And it just struck me why. You have wonderful celebrations and sad commemerative ones every where in the world, but usually there are large enough 'appropriate' venues for people to go and do these things in private- ie just with their own family and friends... but here, with so many people in one city, there couldn't possible be enough function halls to hold the all the weddings etc etc so everything is outside. The good stuff, and the bad stuff, in your life is shared with so many other people, outside.

So very different from the British, keep yourselves to yourselves, type of lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna ,Its Tracy from birmingham,jackie lorraine and sugra's friend. This is the 1st time ive used this. Is this the way to contact you? wondered if you could tell me anything about belly dancers and weddings. or if you have comments on prev pages?
Loved the workshop in Brum, only sorry i couldn't have come with you guys on the nite.

Anonymous said...

where are you Lorna.......... no blog for week .....hope you're ok
missing your daily news from Cairo

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Hello there- yes I am ok- thanks for worrying about me!!!

Tracy- yes I have done entries re weddings before- check out entries in july and august! and glad you enoyed the workshop- I did too!

Anonymous said...

oops - didn't mean to be anonymous!
It's Karen fae bonnie dundee.

Anyway - you're back now!