Saturday, November 25, 2006

Blog number 100 !

Well……….. I can't believe here is my 100th entry in the Lorna in Cairo blog… who would have thought 8 months on I'd still be here, still fighting to achieve my goals and living on savings!

I hope you have all enjoyed the blog so far……….. Hopefully as time goes on it'll get more and more dance orientated…….. I am glad so many of you read it and enjoy it and I really appreciate all the feedback and comments I've been getting! I feel like I haven't left Edinburgh in so many ways because there has been so much contact between us… Thank you all for that. And sorry for the moans and groans- this blog has many purposes… keeping you all up to date on what's happening, acting as a diary for me so I can look back over my time here and remember it all, and also as an aid to keeping me sane!!

You know I was chatting with a friend yesterday and she was saying that no matter what I feel I haven’t yet achieved being here all this time- I have in fact gained from the experience sooo much! And she is right. I have new friends, an improved knowledge of the culture and language, a deeper knowledge of me- living on my own all this time and being often alone more than I have ever been in my life- finding I can live with myself- a fairly nice revelation, and of course the far greater appreciation and understanding and skills I have now in the dance.

So 100th blog on- please- I want lots of comments on this entry- what has been good to read- what do you want more of/ less of… what would improve it??? (other than more photos- they are on their way- promise!!!) Remember- if you tried to comment in the past- I have changed the way it works so it is much easier to comment here- but please leave your name- lots of the comments are coming up as anon…. unless you want to remain anonymous of course!!!

So what should you expect over the next 100 blogs…………. More of the same I guess- more of daily life and experiences of a

Scottish Bellydancer in Cairo!!!!


Anonymous said...

hi lorna
have just read your latest comments. your enthusiasm shines through in everything you write. wouldn't it be good if you could publish your blog in a "guide to Cairo". yours would be the most fun, up-to-date information for tourists!

Anonymous said...'ve certainly made up for your quiet spell! I've just finished reading all the stuff about the workshops and performances you've been lucky enough to attend, it sounds marvellous, I haven't experienced anything like that but then I've only had the belly-dancing fever for about a year! It's great reading about all these wonderful dancers - can you recommend any dvd's I should put on my xmas list?
I danced twice on Saturday at Yvonne's hafla in Newport - in a group still - I've got a long way to go yet before I try a solo! Fereshteh danced so that was the highlight of our night - not quite Suraya but hey ....we all thought she was fab.
Look forward to seeing some pics soon, love and shimmies, karen

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Hi Alison- hopefully with the new 'labels' helping guide people around my blog hen it can be used in that way... do forward it to anyone you know who is coming over! I even made a 'tourisim musts' label especially for that!!!

Hi Karen- Hmm- there is a question... good DVD's- depends on performance or instructional? good perfomance is anything with samia gamal etc etc in it- 'the Legands'is a must! the best instructional ones I have seen are Jillina's (of bellydance superstar fame). Can buy all from Aladdins cave website.... Get yourself over to Cairo- after that there will be no holding you back from doing that solo I bet!!!