Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Arabic class

First class of the new Arabic class term was yesterday………You won't believe this- I have enrolled at level 3- AGAIN- for the 3rd time!!!!!!! I was looking over my books- and I could recognize the writing was mine- but the words written it was like reading them all for the first time! I am so annoyed with myself for not doing regular revision to try and keep the knowledge in my sieve like brain. I wish we had learned my rote much more in school when I was young- maybe it would be trained enough to be able to do it now!!! Anyway- not only is it my 3rd time- but it felt like I was really struggling to grasp what we did even in this first class!!! Thankfully I have 2 really good teachers again this term- so fingers crossed something sinks in!!! I wish I was being forced to use it more…… it's really hard when EVERYONE it seems speaks English- I order in a café for example- in Arabic- and they reply in English! Tell me how is that ever going to help me learn???? GRRR…. Although- on a positive note- I do find my self listening to music and some words jumping out cos I suddenly realise I understand them!!! It's like watching a film in black and white and occasionally some of the actors can be seen in colour even though everything else is grey!!! That was yesterday- today was better- after an early night and a couple of hours revision this morning, I felt back on track again…….. I was speaking to a girl from Hungary and she agreed it was much easier for her because she doesn't have any English so people have no choice- they have to try in Arabic!

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