Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Maybe it's the tiredness- but I feel COLD!!! officially is is still 21deg in daytime but down to 7 deg at night. And 7 is pretty cold if you are sleeping with only a sheet, no blanket and there is no central heating!!! off to buy a blanket now! How did it drop so much?- I was only in UK for 2 weeks! I am wishing I had brought hot water bottle with me!!! I think I have aclimatised to Cairo by the looks of things!!!
You know- it may be 21 in daytime but you should see everyone here- the thick winter jumpers and puffy jackets are out!!! wooly scarves round necks........ glad to see its not just me feeling it! It'll be interesting to go to the market and see how the tourists are dressed- whether they feel it cold or just us who live through the 40+ temps throughout August!

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