Saturday, July 29, 2006


The nightlife in Cairo is for me very interesting and I've really been sampling a lot of it! Salsa dancing at the Nile Hilton on Friday and Sunday nights- this changed in the summer (because so many people leave Cairo at the weekend) to Sunday and Tuesday nights. Salsa at La Piste on wed night too but not been there for a while- although at least their air con works, and not sure if salsa at Sway on a Monday took off or not since it’s a strange space for it, but should check it out I guess since it’s so close to my flat! The nightclubs I've sampled can be strange places. 'Latex' at the Nile Hilton has an assortment of young wealthy-ish Egyptians and foreigners and the night I went there was r+b music, which is as popular as it is in the UK…. But most nights it is dance/techno music- not my scene. 'Bling Bling' was another club, on the sunset boat, Giza, which played only r+b and hip hop- really had fun there- esp. watching the breakdance dance-offs- some good young very flexible dancers there! On the Blue Nile boat there is a beautiful restaurant/bar/club called Morocco. I didn’t stay to dance but the music was a mix of Arabic pop, dance and r+b. Ate the pigeon pastilla there- to die for!!!! Sangria is a stunning bar/club/restaurant right on the Nile opposite the Conrad hotel…dead the night I went because more sensible (and wealthy enough) Egyptians get out the city and head to the beach at the weekends. My nicest moments have been spent in another Nile side open air bar/restaurant on Zamalek called Sequoia. Beautiful d├ęcor- all white chairs… and best sheesha selection in town (they bring a tray with about 50 different flavours for you to smell before you decide which one to try!) and the food ain't bad either! Through the summer half the place is bought out by a place called Sultan and caters especially to the influx of gulfies who escape the heat and come to Cairo so the music is large khaleegy and it makes for a very entertaining evenings viewing!

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