Monday, July 31, 2006

Fruit + Veg

you know it really doesn't taste as good anywhere else........... the food usually is only available in season- so sometimes you are limited (although the supermarkets import as they do everywhere) but the local produce is the best- esp. the organic fruit and veg which is more expensive of course than non organic but still pennies compared to what you would pay in uk for it! Down side is that things in supermarket come prepacked in kilo's- so if you just want salad one day , but not the next 3 then you are kind of stuck. I tend to try and cook enough for a couple of days and reheat. The aubergine esp. is so tasty and cheap here (my favourite way of cooking that at the moment is frying it with lots of moroccan spices and stuffing slices of it with feta cheese- Yummm!)
Then of course there are the fruit sellers on the streets- where the fruit is usually very fresh and much cheaper......... but then you have to do the whole haggle thing which can sometimes take away from the sweet taste of the fruit! you tend to see a whole cart with only one fruit- at the moment its fresh figs (amazing blended with milk- thanks for that blender Elspeth!!!!) and prickly pear- which they skin for you then and there- very refreshing. Oh and I bought my first watermelon last week- it was huge and although I had some each day it lasted nearly the week! fantastic to buy unseeded ones- so sweet and easy to eat- not good for diabetics!!!
The easiest way to get your fruit intake here is the juice bars. you see wee shops everywhere with mesh bags hanging outside with whatever fruit is currently in season- its mango just now and you buy a glass of it- freshly squeezed there and then and return the glass! there are a couple of juice bars near ish me where you go in your car- toot your horn ( one is actually called 'toot express'!) and the waiters come to your car window take your order for juice (thats all they have- but every flavour you can think of- all fresh) and you sit in your car drinking it. A nice way of catching up with friends on warm summer nights!
I would love to add some photos of the carts here but not got any good ones yet, amazing what you see on a daily basis and take for granted- doing this blog has really made me realise what I need to photograph!!!- will update as soon as I can!!

oh- and feel free to add your comments to any of the entries I've made so far- always great to get feedback- or suggestions on what you'd like to hear more about! (I'll add more about dance as soon as possible!!)

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