Saturday, July 29, 2006


ok- its not Cairo- but it may as well be at this time of year for the number of people who will be there now! The streets of Cairo now are relativly quiet now every weekend as everyone who can afford to heads up to the seaside- the whole coast line is scattered with holiday resorts (similar to butlins!) to the extent that there aren't even any big hotels- so one of Egypts best selling points for tourism isn't unfortuantly available, easliy to tourists. Ah well- perhaps it is right that egyptians should get to enjoy their own natural resource without us there!!! a couple of months ago I went up to the north coast of egypt with a small group of friends. We had this, the most beautiful beach I have ever been on, completely to ourselves!!! the waves were wonderfully refreshing, but strong (wouldn't like to have had to keep an eye on children in them!!!) white white sand and the colours of blue in the water were breathtaking. the only people we saw on the beach were these fishermen! Ah- its hard writing this when I know its going to be unlikely that I can get out the concrete city for quite some time!!!

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