Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dance Costumes

Costumes! Finally I hear you cry- something in this blog which is dance related!!! What can I say…….. I've been very well behaved- normally I buy more costumes in 4 days than I have in the last 4 months- but I suspect that may change soon! I have a beautiful new straight skirt by Amera (pharonics costumers) to go with the lovely white costume I wore in the fringe show last year- chiffon just isn’t in- I suspect it may well come back into fashion soon- but at the moment, if its not mesh or lyrca its just not the done thing! I also had my red and white galabeya's altered to feel a bit tighter….. and bought a stunning new blue/turquoise mesh galabeya- its to die for!!! Then there is the cher costume- black with metal chains- by Eman- super sexy! And of course the impulse buy- which I haven't worn yet ( but it was my birthday- you have to buy yourself something on your birthday don’t you!!!)- the black and white pattern one- again very striking- with a long split on one leg and a shorter one on the other- means which ever leg you do your move on it shows it off really well. Very happy with it- just need to get a couple of adjustments done and then I'll probably live in it! My wish list for costumes is far longer than my bought list- but no more purchases til I am earning! ( oh- except that I have a midnight blue one on order from Eman- forgot about that!!!) photos of new costumes will follow as soon as I have some taken!!

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