Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Gym

The Gym- another place where I have spent many sweaty hours since I arrived in March. Since I have danced full time for over 9 years I haven't really done any other types of exercise and forgot how much I do enjoy it and I am liking seeing some of the improvements. I don’t mind admitting I did actually cry after my first gym session when I realised how unfit I am in certain areas- scary! I had always felt dance kept me totally fit, now I know what Dina was talking about when she told me I had to go to the gym and get stronger (nice bit of name dropping there?!!!) Sit ups kill me!!!!!!! But aerobic, stretch and dance classes I am really enjoying! As much as I love teaching it is making a really nice change being told what to do for a change. So I have spent quite a lot of money on the membership and was there about 4/5 days per week before I started Arabic classes but have lapsed a little- so need to do the Scottish thing- and get back there just so I am getting my money's worth!!! The Gym is a good Gym- so well equipped and very expensive- so only a small percentage of the population can afford to go there. Mostly men- but they do have a female only section, for the veiled women and those of us who like a bit of peace when we are working out! What I find bizarre in the changing room is the way some women will come into the room shouting some poor attendant's name, who has to come running, for what? To open this woman's bag and unfold her training gear, help her into it, then fold her clothes to put into her locker for her….. Then the same in reverse when she finishes working out. Often the woman would stand waiting for help far longer than it would take for her to have dressed herself. How the other half live!!!

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