Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Ballet Lesson

The Ballet lesson- I have never wanted to do ballet, and never imagined I would- but I realised that a lot of the moves that I need to make improvement in are ballet based spins, turns arms etc. So Shams (actually his real name is Walid) agreed to run though the basics with me in their dance studio in Maadi where I teach. HARD work! Hard enough just getting your feet into certain positions but then to move from one position to another, and to bend your knees and squat in that position too, then up on toes……… wow- now I really understand why ballet dancers have the amazing leg muscles that they do- they need them! Calf muscles will be getting a bit more attention in the gym than they've had before! Not to mention doing all of that with a book on my head- my neck muscles were feeling it by the end of the session too! Book on the head good teaching tip for bellydance too- impossible to look at your hips, feet or the floor, with the rough guide to Egypt balanced up there!

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davemartist said...

excellent stuff- probably the best use for the ol' ruff gu─▒de now you are an expert egyptian! Good to see the blog up n running!