Thursday, January 31, 2008

Workshops…… Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow and Cairo.

The Edinburgh workshops are filling up pretty quick- so if you are interested in coming to a workshop with me in Edinburgh this Feb, then email me now!!!

Sat 23rd- Fancy Footwork- 4 spaces left
Sun 24th- Learn a Choreography- FULLY BOOKED
Sun 24th- Alchemy of dance- FULLY BOOKED

As far as I know there are still a few spaces left in the following workshops;

Dundee- Sat 1st March (contact )
Glasgow- Sun 2nd March (contact )

(NB- at this moment in time- this is my only planned trip for workshops to UK before Sept 08)

Also- the workshop I taught here in Cairo on sat 26th Jan went so well that we are doing another one before I return to Edinburgh… next Cairo date;

Sat 16th Feb. 12-3pm. Digla, Maadi, Cairo.
( to book place contact Annalouise on )

Something else. My Cairo moment of yesterday-

A whole day without internet… why? Because of my computer – no (but I wasted hours in case it was!!!), because my internet provider no…. seemingly it was because- the cable which brings the internet access from Asia to the whole of Egypt, under the ocean, had a fault in it- somewhere. Arghhh. This happens fairly often- since the cable is obviously a fairly long one. The only other option for Egypt would be to get it from Europe- but that costs too much!

hehe- just found the news link- imagine someone dropping a ships anchor onto a cable, in fact- imagine laying the cable in a place that could possibly happen!... seemingly just off alexandra, egypt.... I am so surprised... NOT! anyway- if you dont get emails from me in a while heres why...

I currently pay 125le per month for my broadband internet connection in my house- ie about £12. which is fine by UK standards- but not so great on an Egyptian wage!

We are back in action, just- but you cannot believe how slow it is… feels like back in the days when internet 1st arrived! I hadn't realised how much I depend on this. It's become my lifeline! Scary to be so dependant on something you can't control.

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Connie said...

Hi Lorna,

I am definitely feeling your pain regarding the broken internet - it hurts!

I was looking into pre-ballet lessons for my young daughter at the Studio in the Sky after school and saw your profile. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time in Cairo! What fun to be able to do what you love like this!! Do you have regular classes in Digla? If so, would you have something (very beginner level!) that mothers and daughters (young children (4-6) might enjoy? If so, when, and how much might a class like that cost?

Good blog btw - I had fun reading of your adventures!