Sunday, January 20, 2008

Music at home and audiences!

hehe- I am happy. I went today to the computer mall on Gamet dowal street, Mohandiseen, near me, and bought myself a surround sound system for my laptop.

AT LAST i can enjoy listening to my music while I write my blog! Really pleased too- because I went online to compare the price with the same thing at home in UK (they have a slightly different model- bu almost identical) and it costs between twice and three times the amount in the UK. Now- for the price of an adapter plug- that is more than worthwhile!

Now the only question is why the heck didn't I invest sooner???????????? I can attach it too my Ipod too- FAB!

On a different topic- Its just an opinion formed by experience here in Cairo but really- why audiences seem to reflect nationality trends?

Americans are usually fun loving and appreciative and up for a laugh. Japanese film EVERYTHNG and also are prepared to get up and have a laugh on stage. Italians and Spanish seem to look down their nose at you the whole time and you have no idea whether they are enjoying it or not. Australians I would have thought to be very like the Americans - but so far have found them to be very British- clapping politely at the end but not really participating in anything else. (I dont mean just not getting up to dance- i also mean refusing to smile throughout!!!!) Indian audiences either pretend you aren't there completely - OR start dancing and dont even give you a chance to perform!

How's that for a bunch of generalisations!!!!!!!!!!!! (obviously there are exceptions- but with lots of tourists in town just now I keep seeing a pattern!!!)

oh- and Egyptians- hmmmm.... they either LOVE it and are totally with you - or the opposite - in which case i am not sure why they come to a boat where they know part of the show involves a bellydancer in the first place if they dont approve!

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