Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Passport Photos

Egyptian beaucracy LOVES passport photos....... EVERYTHING seems to have to have a photo attached...

here you dont just pop into your local train station and sit in a little box... no- here you go into kodak shop, or fugi or wherever and go upstairs where they have their own photo studio and a man bobs around you tilting your head this way and that to take the shot. It then goes on computer and you get your choice between 4 shots which are printed off then and there and you walk out within 15 mins with your 8 shots for 10 le (less than £1.)

Its a fantastic system. Had to laugh today though when I went- half way through the 'shoot' the photographer indicated to me that my hair was really a mess and i should brush it before he went any further........ can you imagine that happening at home???!!!

my only mistake was only getting the 8. thats not going to last long in this country!!!

and no- I am NOT going to show you the outcome !!!!

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