Tuesday, January 15, 2008

london bellydancers

I was in Eman Zaki's costume shop tonight and I met 2 lovely girls who are dancers in London. This inspired me to go online and check out the London scene, and I found this fantastic site for london bellydancers.


I get asked about teachers and performers in london all the time and here is lots of info all together -nice and easy. I am sure there are a lot of names missing though..... I spotted for instance that shahla's name wasn't there yet (a fabulous dancer who performs Iraqi dance like you wouldn't believe!)

Oh and you lucky Londoners- Azzia (of Canada) is coming to do workshops in your town- she was in Edinburgh last weekend and from my friends and students there who went, and who are stil aching from it and raving about it, this is one event you CANNOT miss out on! She sounds like a fantastic teacher...... go!

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