Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cooking curry in Cairo...

One of the wonderful things about food shopping for me in UK, was going to the reduced aisle and choosing my meal for the night from there- that way I would have the decision made for me what i was going to have and so add an element of surprise to my day! It also meant i bought expensive things which otherwise i wouldn't have allowed myself and tried new things!

Here in Cairo I do the same. Except that here it is- what do they have?, and is it in season? Not something we have to worry about in tesco's where everything is there almost all year round. I cannot here in Cairo decide 'i want '_____', today'- because often they wait and restock the shelves only once something has sold out completely!

Oh- and the other thing is that the veggies (and fruit) they sell by the kilo.....Also- no little vaccumed pack chopped and diced veggies in cling film........

I discovered today that a kilo of broccoli is a LOT of broccoli!!!!!

so what to do with it all ???? here is where I have to thank my good friend Surgah- she taught me how to cook curry.... ok, well not exactly, but she should me a simple one and lectured me on not being afraid to try. As my mum will vouch, and it hasn't improved much since then,- I normally lived on take aways and pasta, so for me- cooking a curry is a big deal! anyway- it was fabulous!!! (if I say so myself!!! I even check a receipe online AFTER i had eaten it to see what I 'should' have done and I had guessed it right!!!! ah the little life victories!!!) Anyway- its a wonderful change from egyptian food, pizza and pasta!

Now........ what to do with all that aubergine..............................?!

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