Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Changes in Cairo Sheraton

On monday night I went with a fellow dancer ( Joana from portugal- works at same place as me ) to go to the Marriot Nightclub to see Suraya perform. We went looking for inspiration. Sometimes when you are performing all the time you need to take time out to watch others perform to make sure you are not getting stuck in a rut!

Suraya used to perform at the Casablanca restaurant in the Cairo Sheraton, but they have closed that down for some reason and so she can now be found 2 nights per week at the Marriot.
They have built a stage there...... It used to be that the musicians were on a stage at the back, but the dancer performed on the dancefloor area in front of them- now they have built the stage right out towards the tables- so the dancer is elevated. I like it. It gives more status to the dancer and you can see more. Prob is that if they wear a short skirt you can also see more than you bargained for!!!

They never used to have a minimum charge either there- but they forced one on us- so don't know if that will be the norm- or if it was just because of the people we were with! She started 1.30am.

Anyway- Suraya def has the best band in Cairo at the moment. I guess she was able to keep them since she used to have work everynight at the sheraton in addition to weddings etc... dont know what'll happen know that she isn't quite so regular.... anyway- her kanoun is to die for, her violin player makes you cry (in a good way) and her table is 100% by her side. Its a joy. As for the dancing- so be honest- I love her to bits- but I HATE tose damn shoes she wears!!!! I know she is little and has to- but I feel they take so much away from her art and make her look unsteady so much of the time. She was very good, although I have seen her dance better and wonder if its all the stress of a new stage, new venue etc etc... Her shimmys are to die for- and esp the earthquake one- amazing- i think my mouth fell open watching that one!!!!!!!!

As for costumes- cos I know you all love to hear about those. 1st she had a mini skirt one- its was white with red flowers and the skirt was a sarong style. Very girlie, cute. Please excuse the quality of the photos- I have a lovely wee nikon digital camera, thats supposed to be really good, but I just can't work out how to get good dancer shots on it- can anyway advise???? It has lots of scene settings etc that I just cant seem to get anything decent out of!!!
Next a more traditional style- I strongly suspect Eman Zaki design- turquoise, of the night, my favourite, and it seems I was so taken with it that I forgotten i was supposed to be photographing it too- so no record of that one.....
Last cossie of the night was a corker. Black- straight long skirt with red sparkly pattern on hip ,and it had two lengths of material which started at the skirt and came up over her chest- marilyn munroe style. Amazingly sexy, and not built for the average bust, she looked a million dollers in it, although I felt it hid some of her technique. But it showed off her other assets to a tee!!! Sorry again for the pic that makes her look bizarre, and its not very flattering (sorry suraya) but just to give you an idea of the cossie!

I recommend her any day (although that stage in my mind belongs to Rhanda- she's a hard one to beat- in my opinion!!!!!)


CAO- Chef Azura othman said...

I had seen a belly dance show in Dubai and I respect the courage and the flexibility that bellydancers has :)You have to play around with the camera to get used to it.BTW, the pictures looks nice to me.

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

glad you like the pics azazura. Courage and flexibility- yes i think those attributes sum up a large part of what a dancer needs- although not all...........

Nepenthe said...

Good thing I checked your blog today - I'm off to Cairo in a few hours and I wasn't aware that the Sheraton Casablanca had closed! I will look for her at the Marriott instead. And I'll be looking for you on one of the boats! :-)

Can't wait to be in Cairo finally.