Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bellydance in Cairo- Who is where...

Just a quick note for Dancers who are wanting to know who is where in the Cairo Performance scene just now.. or indeed for Tourists who want to go see a dancer....

Nile Maxim- Asmahan (and Leyla and Katia so i believe?)
Grand Hyatt- Hanadi
Marriot- Fatima
Nile Pharon- too many to mention, including Joanna and Otti
Ramsis Hilton- Hemis
Sheraton- Suzie (?) and Suraya
Semis Ramis Intercontinental- Dina
Mena House- Ashmahan (+ Fatima?)

I'm sure there are lots more of note.... but thats the ones I know of just now! Who knows- maybe one day I'll be able to add my name to the list somewhere!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna,

It's Avital from Canada! Your blog is so fascinating, I stumbled across it at work, and have been reading it non-stop when I should be working.

Aida Noor taught here, and from your blog I see that she taught the same choreographies!

Its wonderful to see you following your path and taking such a big step moving to Cairo, Kudos to you. Lots of love, A.

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Avital- SO good to hear from you! funny you should stumble across my blog! wish now I had put a counter on it so I could have seen how many people had also stumbled across it!

You wouldn't believe the times I've cried and though - why am I here?!!! but a bellydancers gotta do what a bellydancers gotta do... so I'll be here for a while longer.

do keep in touch (the comments page doesn't give me your email address- so feel free to comment in future or email me seperatly)

Hope you are still loving the dance as much as I do.... now get back to work!!!!!