Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday night

Thursday night (the big party night here) and I am home alone. Mind you it's only 8pm... so something may still come up I guess....

In meantime trying to go through my emails... had 267 to clear... and have made a frightening and upsetting discovery. Despite your supportive emials being one of the main things which really helps me get through the times when things just aren't happening here- I have been VERY bad at replying. It's not cos I don't care or anything like that- its just often there is either too much to do- or not enough to say. I am getting fed up saying - no- still no contract yet!!! So if you are one of the people who didn't get a reply from me in the past (some as late as april!!!)- SORRY.......... I am working through them now! And thanks for the continuing support despite by lack of replies!

last night I went to a birthday party. A friend of Sara's, Emad. Lovely guy. A composer, musician and most of his friends were musicians too- or artists or directors etc etc... so an arty crowd. And not particularly in the first flushes of youth. To watch these old guys laugh, joke, play oud, sing...... often fantastically well- and loud- with no alcohol being consumed at all... was fantastic! Such expressive faces; i could have sat and watch all night, except that everyone of them smoked like a chimney and I was forced out in the end by my need to breathe!!! Interesting night- and lovely people. Good practise for my listening to arabic too- although still not understanding full stories- at least picking out a lot more words than before!

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