Wednesday, December 06, 2006


You'll never believe this…. Well, I can't anyway…………. The last 2 nights it's been raining here! That’s a big deal I'll have you know! It was really funny- yesterday just as it started, I jumped into a taxi and his windscreen wipers were complaining heavily since they hadn't been used for 11months!!!!!!!!! The streets empty……. It's like home in a heavy snow- no one wants to be out in it…. Even theatres close! And it's not like a major downpour- but the drain systems are so bad- if there are any at all… that the roads just flood. When I left the house this morning the street was stinking of rotten rubbish……. Lovely!! You can see in the gutters drifts of dirt- like sandbanks- where the dirt and dust and sand on the roads has been washed into the gutters. I saw a couple of cars where the dirt drifts came up over the edge of the tyre!! It is a strange thing to look at rain from such a different perspective, being so used to it in Scotland. However the good thing is the air is much cleaner. It smells nicer and I could see right into the desert from my balcony this morning… A taxi driver told me tonight that when he sees rain he looks forward to the mango which will grow even tastier because of it!!!

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