Friday, December 08, 2006

Bellylorna's Blog now Better!

ok- so I have changed it somehow.......... so now if you only want to views blogs with photos- just click on the 'photos' label at the right side... etc etc.... makes it easier to view or review entries you want to get to, and to only access the entries you are specifically interested in!

Also has meant I have been able to update a few entries with photos which didn't have photos before!!! so- check out some of the Dance entries esp with photos from the Nile Group Festival!
As always- all comments welcome!


Annette McCann said...

Love your blog Lorna; such a full, generous and informative account. I love dipping in!
'Saw the article about you in the Egypt Daily Star! Go girl!

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Thanks Annette- glad you are enjoying it... easier to dip in now it has the 'labels' I hope. Always good to get feedback from other dancers!