Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rhanda Kamel workshop

Wow… you know- there are some things you do and really regret- then there are those where you know your life would never have been the same if you hadn't. At the risk of hero worship I would say Rhanda Kamel's workshop this afternoon feel into the second category!! She is the true queen of Egyptian dance. Such poise, power, control and life, And all in a beautiful and fun form. WOW again!

She did bits of technique with us… and did part of a choreography.. but she place more emphasis on the 'feel' of the music than the steps- which was a lovely refreshing change, although that’s not to suggest that she doesn't wan the technique itself to be just so! I liked the way when she taught that she didn't rush from move to move but did it over and over- first with her- but then many times with her watching us- so she could correct mistakes. Her Body does it so much more efficiently and proficiently than mine, but I love her dance and classes because I feel she often interprets and feels the music in a way I can relate to. Maybe because I have thought for 9 years now that she is the best in Cairo- so I guess If I was modeling myself on anyone it would be her. Not that you should try and be someone else when you dance, that’s not what I mean- but Rhanda defiantly inspires me! Really chuffed too- I got 3 ''Really good... Excellent'' s from her! I know that says a lot more for her teaching skill than it neccesarily does about my dancing but still- I'm easy pleased me!!! Favourite piece of technique from today… chonk LRL then chest shimmy (not shoulder shimmy!!) with R knee up and R foot up at L knee. Elegant and cheeky at the same time. But that was just one thing- I loved it all!

I wish I could have attended this whole course (Raqia Hassan's professional course for teachers at Intercontinental Hotel at Pyramid Park) because it is lovely to be taught at such a standard by such good teachers and in such a small class! You could see the teacher easily and she was able to give individual feedback to us all. Fantastic. To any teachers out there- I recommend it! (Only thing stopping me doing the whole thing is the fact I don't have an income at the moment!!!) I am planning on going to Suraya's workshop on Tuesday- so I'll let you know how that goes!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna

It was funny reading your blog, when I'd just done a set of workshops with Randa a week ago. I'm still busily typing up my notes so I don't forget too much of it.

And we did that hip, bust shimmy, flamingo pose combo too! It's lovely (well, it is when she does it- I felt like a fairy elephant when I did it)

I learned so much from her. Can't wait for her next workshops here.


P.S, I've only just discovered your blog, it's been very interesting reading. Thanks for posting.