Wednesday, September 02, 2009

wow!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE my new photos!!!

I modelled in a photoshoot for Amera el Kattan recently to help her advertise her latest 'Elite' pharonics costume collection 2009/10.

The website has just published the pics...........

I LOVE them..... I didn't even recognise myself at 1st!!! I think I somehow need to get a copy of some of these!!!!!!!

My good friend Zsofia was modelling that day too and looks fab!

enjoy the shots- and the stunning costumes at the pic gallery in

There is lovely shots of me posing with a sword...
and playing with balloons too!!!!!
oh it was fun!

God bless the photographers!!!!!!!!!!!! (And Amera!)


Amira said...

apparently we don't have permission to see the page :(

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...


I should have mentioned that in my blog..... if you are going online in Egypt you won't be able to access these new pictures on Amira's website. You can access from everywhere else in the world!

She put a special privacy setting on the website to protect herself from costume design theft!!! which is very understandable since it unfortuantly happens so often!

Noor al Sabah said...

Hi Lorna, I´m Noor, the spanish...I´d like to see your photos but I can´t from here. I understand she put special privacy here...I hope to see you when you back to Cairo again.
Enjoy your time in Scotland. Big Kiss.

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

hi Noor.......

yeah- its a shame you cant see them from Egypt... but if you go to Amira's 'shop' she will show you them there- I have to go when I come back to Cairo to collect new costumes- maybe you can come with me!!!!

see you soon,

Haitham Saad said...

simple trick , go to , it is an online proxy , and copy and paste the link Lorna featured in the URL box and you will be able to view it from egypt , just a simple little trick :) ur photos are lovely Lorna

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...


I guessed there would be a way round the problem to view the photos from Egypt- but wasn't sure how!!!

Unknown said...

I recognize you just from your arm and hand positions! You look great!